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Great to see you adek ;-]
You have a great looking site here...
But I am afraid that to be able to understand more of it I'll have to work hard on my bahassa.


in all enthousiasm I forgot to mention how I love those Citroen commercial... form is wow, effects super, and , and what's most important I think, the soundtrack is superb and really makes these commercials into Art, capital intended.

Niterider Sapphire

Well.. hello there my bratha from anotha matha.... hehehehe... What have you been up to lately? I see you're doing well over at YouTube and this are certainly going your way :)

I stumbled upon these two clips earlier when I was looking for the Transformers trailer... These are awesome clips and I love Citroen... I once had a Xantia and it was fabulous - imagine one tyre was flat and I can still drive it to the nearest workshop to get it fixed :)


wooo... ko dorang adik beradik eh?... biasa laa... air dicincang takan putus...

Niterider Sapphire

Hehehhee.... ok whattt??

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