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Feisal AJ

demmit! hebat gile mamat tu..

Niterider Sapphire

Muehehehehe.... Don't buy pirate.. .wakakakakka... buat sendiri...


waaaa..... bestnyerrrr

Nazley a.k.a. Bubba

any version for palm devices? ... my tungsten T3 really needs a makeover :D


wow this guy is *speachless*

Niterider Sapphire

Bubba... so far there are 2 out there (there could be more), iPhoneImitation (a Launcher app) and another one for Treo which is at Treocentral. Try dulu ler... 

Nazley a.k.a. Bubba

Dah d/load iPhoneImitation ... not very good on a T3. Loading of the launcher is slow. and loading of the apps from the launcher is double slowww.

so ... uninstalled it after 10 minutes

Niterider Sapphire

Hmmm... yang jumpa pun still very rough.... belum jumpa yang smooth lagi :(

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