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Feisal AJ

aisey.. camne leh terlepas review citer ni kat sini..
just watched this movie yesterday..
it suxx big time

how can the FBI become so silly and let the fate of the world to a man whom they dont even really know his real abilities are.. and the bad guys.. they're so scared that they join in the hunt for the hero?? lol! And the most hilarious part was when nick cage suddenly become matrix like dodging the bullets!

At least, i got to watch the always so hawt Jessica Biel.. :p

Niterider Sapphire

Hahaha... welcome to the club! I'm suppose to do some synopsis review first, tapiiii.. apa kan daya, mana ada access kat rumah... gi belasah jer lar..

Dodging bullets is one thing, he multiplies himself to a lot of him is another. Hahahaa.. That way also can ahhh... he might as well comb the entire ship himself and let the team take a breather. Jessica Biel didn't look so hawt after all when you can't really follow the storyline well.


hmmm... tak perlu la aku cakap lagi kat sini... ko pun dah dengor dari mulut aku sendiri aritu... kompem aku pangkah cite nih... :D

Niterider Sapphire


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