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[this is good] comel sgt. syg nk mkn. :D


[this is good] Beautiful pie and beautiful photographs.  I prefer the close-up to the first photo, only because without the wider shot, it's unclear what we're seeing.  A bit of a mystery.  :)


macam dah kena awet je.


ehhh... ada food fight ke?... gue tengah diet la plak ni...

Hafidz Baharom

why lar decorate the pie so nicely for a food fight...membazir sungguh!


but it looks delicious.


Bday sape punya kek le ko jadikan model ni?


[this is good] Splendid shot... 


normally la kan... bila hiasan exxegerate cenggini.... rasa dia blom tentu lagi....


[this is good] Owgh... I loooooooooooooove apple pie

Feisal AJ

why would u need the flowers on the pie? looks weird tho...

Niterider Sapphire

Ell : Memang rasa sayang sket nak makan pasal nampak cantik sangat, tapi kalo bior lama-lama, tak sedap ler plak.

Jojo : It was quite an experience to take macro shots, given its lighting conditions and camera angles.. I had a great time but my tummy was growling like crazy then, asking me when can I gobble the pie up.

Im : Bukan kena awet ler, dia nampak berkilat pasal silau cahaya. Lagi pun, benda tu memang ada satu lapisan air gula.. tu yang nampak macam kena awet tu.

Rehot : Food fight... hehehehehe.... bolehhh... jap aku gi cari stok jap..

Aput : Don't get me wrong here, but food fight refers to snapshots of food being uploaded to own site, not taking the food and throw at each other literally. So up jer la any food items and.... lawan :P

PIPS : Nih bukan birthday cake ler... pie jer... dan bukan utk birthday pun..

Jubiez : Thanks. It was quite an experience.

Affy : Rasa dia okay ler... scale of 1 to 5, I give it a 4 pasal nipis sangat dan tak puas makan.

CM : Hey.. same here... I prefer the ones with a more simple presentation, and its taste goes through the roof.

Feisal : Yeah.. It looks kinda funny with tiny little flowers on it, but, decorations are meant to make the pie more appealing - at least to my camera lens.. hehehehehe...


dont think i wud hve the patient to decorate food like this tho i love to bake he he......

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