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i saw something abt this wii on tv sometime ago....another gadget for the kids i guess.....

Niterider Sapphire

If you know PS3, XBox... this is another one..


apasal kena gi toilet?

Niterider Sapphire

Nak Qada Hajat jap... hehehehehehe


best aaa.. mintak!!

Niterider Sapphire

Hmmm.. ambik ler :P

Remmy Van Horné

bro itu ari aku dah nak beli tapi aku terbeli iPod Video 80gb!! now i really regret my decision, I WANT Wii!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Niterider Sapphire

Aiseh.. ko dah lelong ke blom iPod tu? How much u offer?

Gucci Handbags

last year penned the review for Gowalla 3.0 I really liked the
changes and the considerable update to the interface. Back then,
it felt like it was a major upgrade to the whole platform. Well,
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