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Wah! gambar rumah kampung. Yours? The last time I went to my kampung was last Sunday when I dropped by my Mak Long's house which is my late grandparents home. Even though the house still intact after so many renovations but the surrounding has change. The place which I see so big many years ago seems to shrink but the actual fact is that it has grown.


i like the the coconut trees pics through the gaps between the wooden wall...nostalgic la... but my home is KL so pokok kelapa tak der, tiang LRT ada la 

Niterider Sapphire

Yup.. that's my place alright... It has been the way it is since I was small.. A nice kampung surroundings somewhere in the suburbs of Georgetown.

However recently, 4 of the houses on the opposite row of my place caught fire. All burnt down. It came out in the noon news and the next day in Metro. Damage: 4 houses, 2 bikes & 2 cars... all rentung. No casualties.

Niterider Sapphire

Actually, the trees grew on my neighbour's lot. Two houses away from mine. They were there since... ummm I can't recall when... since I was in school, I guess... and still standing strong :)


I-still-have-no-idea-what-those-sticks-translates-to we can just call it timber louvres...ooo no now american spelling... louvers...

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