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The BlueTie

sorry to hear abt the lost...

sad but the truth sometimes lies among the tears.

Some story happened to a college friend of mine a few month back when he was on his way back home from office. Accident happened on NKVE near Bkt  Lanjan split to Sg Buloh - KL. His car was rammed by a 4 pax driven seasoned car and was blocked. He was slashed on his abdomen and was coma for few days. Long life for him as he has slowly and strongly recovered. Sometimes, our Half-Baked fellow malaysian can behave like they come from a different time, Canibbals...


sorry to hear this.
a person life do not deserve to end just because of  this minor incident
part of our society still lives in caves

well written bro

tsue ahmed

I"m so so so so sorry to hear this, my condolence to you, and his family. Well, penang is getting more and more gangster these days, yesterday somebody was murdered around the neighbourhood.

Niterider Sapphire

Could it be that Penang is revolting due to the coming election? Could
it be the kiasu is still living in the 20th or perhaps 19th century? I know the traffic flow in Pg is a bit worse if being compared to KL. The bikes just swoop by whenever they have the opportunity, the cars will do their zigzag motion recklessly or even so a slow-mo to slow down traffic.

It boils down to the mentality, and I agree with BlueTie... Half-Baked Mentality. Let's cut their brains out and throw it in microwave oven, and baked it.


Very sorry to read this post. It is always very hard to loose a friend who share something we value, a common purpose, common interest. And.. pearls are cracked by worthless mudstone. Those pesky no-gooders scum of the earth are real pain in the ass. Kecik-kecik tak nak mam***, besar menyusahkan orang....

Niterider Sapphire

Indeed... it's hard to recover especially when we are back to the places that we used to hang around, lepak teh tarik, etc...


Your late friend's sure a lucky person since he have friends that will remember him eventhough he's already not among us..


biggest condolence to u and his family..he shouldnt die that way..but only God knows everything..only the good die young:( so sorry abt the lost..

Niterider Sapphire

Thanks @faeeza & @AQish...

Yes.. he was quite a lucky person, in fact we are the lucky ones who manage to get a lot of his tips of pre & post photography wisdom..

I still don't have a direct impact of his loss yet, may be in this Mengundi weekend will meet up with the guys and chat. Hopefully I can control myself then..

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