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banyak rembau punya nih... KJ la nih...

Niterider Sapphire

Itu ler... Dukun Puaka dah buat tak bagi orang biasa nampak

The BlueTie

when u have to win all out u have to use all means, that includes using those puaka, hantues, mambangs...

Niterider Sapphire

Bubba buat post, lagi extensive.. based on the same data...

Caya lah!


ehhh..hello..!!! I dah check tapi i tgk diorang lahir tahun 1889, 1897...you all ni tak caya cuba tgk...TAk baik buat dakyah palsu..data ni mungkin ada dalam database sebab spr dah kumpul maklumat pengundi more than 50 years ago...maybe diorang tak potong nama walaupun maybe diorang dah mati...TOLONG CHECK BALIK...TQ 


Wei... ko agak2 depa leh x buat worm holes utk aku balik planet aku???


Niterider Sapphire

"maybe diorang tak potong nama walaupun maybe diorang dah mati"...

Maybe maybe tak main. it's either Yes - they are dead or SPR did not update their records accordingly; or No, they are alive, well and capable to make their way to the polling stations and soon their records will be overlapped by the younger generations.

Niterider Sapphire

Boleh... tapi kena booking advance sket, baru tambang murah.


Ooo... mcm Air Asia style le, but ini Air ape lak???


Niterider Sapphire

Planet Air.... (Waterworld??)


perghhh...nampaknye geng2 immortal pun nak turun pangkah...
i just wonder which party will Parameswara, Alfonso albuquekquek and jww bitch vote for?

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