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ooo..ada lagi phone ni rupernyer..lama dah tak nampak hik²:-p

The BlueTie

can these be part of the 'classic' collection?

I can see the cracks on the LCD


Wakaka... you also get hooked onto these clock face?? I found it rather impractical.. th letters placed in odd places.. need to readjust your fingers..

Niterider Sapphire

Errr... hidup lagi jenis nih... cuma performance dia jer yang dah menurun

Niterider Sapphire

These are the ancient art of communication...  mind you.. hehehehe... Yes, there are some cracks on the plastic cover itself and this has damaged the LCD around the area. Part of it is a total burn out while a bigger portion around it is burnt out when the screen is lighted.

The entire screen is getting worse since end of August and I can barely read the SMSes and even hard to guess who's calling. Oh BTW, the other phone is there as a standby to recharge the battery only. Lately, the blue phone has been guzzling a lot of power to bring up whatever the screen is displaying due to its damaged nature.

It's time to make a switch :) ... I mean, I already have..

Niterider Sapphire

Believe it or not, the blue phone has served me for more than 5 years already... That's a long milestone for me due to my sengkek-ness in acquiring a contemporary model during this duration. I'm used to the keypad layout already.

I used to say, You have to unlearn what you have learned to use this phone, and now I'm going back to the matrix keypad, I have to relearn the ropes. It's not that hard as looks...


Wei... bile ko nk makan RACUN aku wei ;-)

Niterider Sapphire

Ko memang.... asyik nak bagi racuuuuun jer kat aku.... tak nak ahhh...

Uh, BTW, what do you think I shot this pix with? Ko memang!!


Ok, not to bad... clear, ko dh makan RACUN aku sparuh ke :o ?


I notice this "16/10/08", sah ko...

Niterider Sapphire

Ko memang!! :P


Muahaha.... berjaya juge aku MERACUN seorang lagi ;-)
So, mcm mane rase RACUNnye? Power? H3....

Niterider Sapphire

Ada ubat kuat tak? Yang ada ni tak cukup power la...

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